138 days to go for the big day!


138 days to go for the big day!

Wedding planning is hard on its own, but having to plan a wedding from a different country with a different timezone has been a tough challenge. It’s kind of having a blind date wedding where you need to trust everything you see online and hope for the best. Missing my family & friends on every step of the way ♥

Our wedding checklist so far:

  • Save the Date
  • Venue
  • Dress
  • Flights
  • Honeymoon
  • Celebrant
  • Photographer
  • DJ
  • Invitations
  • Cake
  • Decoration
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry
  • Transport
  • Marriage documents

Image borrowed from http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/i-cant-keep-calm-im-getting-married-23/

Pay It Forward



Has anybody watched this movie? Being a movie freak myself I asked myself how I could have missed watching this movie. It was produced 13 years ago in year 2000. It’s about a young boy that goes all in for an assignment he has from his social studies class in school. They are assigned to come up with ideas that could change the world they live in to the better. So he comes up with the idea of doing a huge favor for three people who are in desperate need of help. And instead of these people thanking him and paying him back, he asks them to pay it forward. He wants them to help three other people and in turn these three people will help another three people. So this goes on as a movement. It is inspirational, deeply moving and heartwarming at the same time.

I wonder if anybody has had an attempt to do this in the real world? It’s not impossible and I believe it can make a huge difference. So if you feel like hibernating one cold rainy day watch this movie!

Sydney in my ♥



I know New Years Eve isn’t for a few months, but  I somehow wish it was around the corner. I gotta let you all in on a secret on where to spend NYE next. Well Sydney is one of the first cities to celebrate the New Year and has the best crowd. One place I will definitely go back to is The Harbour Party at Luna Park.288

We were there with our two German friends and had a blast. The location was perfect. we were just under the Harbour bridge with a clear view of the world-famous fireworks that lasted for at least 20 min. I must say it was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen in my life. I loved how the fireworks poured down the bridge like a waterfall. It was a treat for the eye.163784_1705420911983_3635972_n[1]

Besides the super location and amazing view over the fireworks, there is a huge party inside with a laser show, artists and bands playing live and you can go on all the rides.nye sydney

So if your planning on celebrating NYE in Sydney, The Harbour Party at Milton’s Point is the place to be.

Burleigh Heads


Burleigh Heads

If your planning on visiting the Gold Coast, it is worth stopping by Burleigh Heads. It is such a lovely and peaceful little beach town located at about a 15 min drive south of Surfers Paradise. There’s a lot of green areas and parks where the locals and families have their picnics and barbecues. The beach is great for surfing, with a spectacular view over Surfers Paradise, lots of little fashion boutiques for shopping and restaurants serving great food.


Gone to the Beach..


Gone to the Beach..

It has been a hot autumns day here at the Gold Coast. I was where I needed to be, at the beach 🙂 The water was so warm, tides were not too strong so it was great for swimming. Just had a little boy crash his bodyboard in my face after a big wave. I made it with a few scars and a Rudolph nose 🙂 I have just put on some Aussie papaw ointment and hope it heals quickly 🙂