Diving at the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns – Queensland

One of the “must-dos” I had on the top of my bucket list was to dive at the Great Barrier Reef. So when my brother came down to Australia to go on a road trip up the east coast with me and my partner, we decided to take on the challenge and get our PADI open water diving licences. After a thorough research on the many diving companies we decided to go with Pro dive. We are still happy with our decision today and we have gathered unforgettable experiences that we share with our families and friends over and over again.


None of us had dived before in our lives, the closest we had come was snorkeling. We chose to go on a 5 day diving course. The first two days were spent in a classroom where there was a lot to learn. Many new words and terms to cope with. We did several dives in the swimming pool where we were taught the vital rules. We followed several exercises removing our goggles under water, putting them back on, removing the air blowing out bubbles and so on. It felt very strange at first but repeating the exercises made you understand why we had to do it. We had to learn all this and be comfortable in deep waters in case of any emergencies and even to make sure we did not panic if something went wrong. The 2 day training was summarised with a final exam, which we all nailed!


On the third day we jumped on a boat with approximately 15 other divers and settled out to sea. Our emotions were mixed, we were happy, excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. Once we arrived at the diving spot, we put on all our gear, jumped in to the warm pacific waters and entered a whole new world. I can still remember what an exhilarating and awesome feeling it was! From that moment on I realized my new passion was born!


We did a total of 11 dives and got our diving licenses. My bravest moment was during our night dive with the sharks. It was like starring in one of the Jaw movies. Sharks everywhere, they were reef-sharks and our instructors ensured us that they were friendly sharks. I remember thinking a shark is a shark, and if its hungry nothing is gonna stop it. It was very scary, I barely opened my eyes under the water and barely used my underwater torch. I am not sure if I will have the guts to do a night dive again but I’m glad I did it! Now I really want to dive in every sea and ocean in the world. It is impossible describing the beauty of diving in words, you just gotta do it!



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