Life in Australia


I can’t believe that I have been living in Australia for over 3 years already. Time has gone so fast, and there’s so many invaluable experiences I have managed to fit into this time.  I’ve met so many amazing people from all around the world, moved 6 times, traveled up the whole of east coast, visited the major cities Sydney (my favorite one), Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra, and finally settled on the Gold Coast.


Living in Australia, is like living in a different world. You feel disconnected from the “Real” world. Time somehow moves so much faster here. The sun tends to go down early as well but rises early too so it is good and easier to get up early in the mornings.The sun shines most of the time, except for this year and 2010 where we were struck by big floods. People are happier, stress less and are genuinely friendlier.


Australians don’t have the worries we all have in Europe, they know how to relax and make the best of everyday. They don’t complicate things, they smile more, laugh often and know how to make jokes 🙂


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