Pay It Forward


Has anybody watched this movie? Being a movie freak myself I asked myself how I could have missed watching this movie. It was produced 13 years ago in year 2000. It’s about a young boy that goes all in for an assignment he has from his social studies class in school. They are assigned to come up with ideas that could change the world they live in to the better. So he comes up with the idea of doing a huge favor for three people who are in desperate need of help. And instead of these people thanking him and paying him back, he asks them to pay it forward. He wants them to help three other people and in turn these three people will help another three people. So this goes on as a movement. It is inspirational, deeply moving and heartwarming at the same time.

I wonder if anybody has had an attempt to do this in the real world? It’s not impossible and I believe it can make a huge difference. So if you feel like hibernating one cold rainy day watch this movie!


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